The high-tech zone has taken multiple measures to solve the problems of judicial assistance and resolve enterprise-related disputes

来源:   时间: 2023-10-16 13:57
  The High-tech Zone People's Court has thoroughly implemented the work requirements of "nine solutions and one coordination" to serve enterprises, based on judicial functions, innovated the litigation and mediation docking mechanism, improved the quality of legal aid services, effectively resolved enterprise-related disputes, and created a good legal business environment for enterprise development。
  There are ways to resolve disputes involving enterprises。In-depth visit and research, precise assistance to the rescue of enterprises。Establish a rule of law service team, carry out a comprehensive "rule of law physical examination" system service work, and solve the legal problems encountered in the production and operation of enterprises。走访 The company analyzed and judged the problems one by one, explored and studied the difficulties encountered in the work of enterprises, and improved the quality of the work of service enterprises "solving the judicial aid problem"。Open a green channel for enterprise-related cases。Set up a mediation room for enterprise-related disputes,Make full use of multiple mediation methods such as industrial mediation and lawyer mediation,Coordinating "one on one" mediators,Give play to the mediation functions of pre-litigation mediation and mediation in litigation,Help companies on both sides bridge the gap,Find a balance of interests,Maximize cost reduction and efficiency for enterprises,We will properly resolve disputes involving enterprises,Achieve mutual benefit and win-win results。
  There is a temperature for resolving disputes involving enterprises。Set up a "peace and business" mediation room。Integrate the resource advantages of the court, the Bureau of Justice, and the Federation of Industry and Commerce, introduce a "mutual assistance" model to resolve disputes, and coordinate the four modules of "peace", "peace", "peace", "Chamber of Commerce" and "peace"。Build a litigation service system of "warm heart system, warm heart facilities, warm heart service"。Upgrade the information equipment of the suit service center。Provide cross-domain services, online services, and postal services to meet diverse judicial needs;Not only for the enterprise to provide personalized litigation services, but also for the enterprise to handle litigation costs, enforcement fees, remission, reduction, exemption procedures。
  Resolving disputes involving enterprises has been effective。A smooth path for the "Global Communication Office"。Implement cross-domain litigation services for enterprise-related cases, take the initiative to communicate with relevant departments, and seamlessly connect litigation services to ensure that enterprise-related disputes are quickly established, reviewed and enforced。Up to now, a total of 6 cases have been filed under jurisdiction, and 2 cases of disputes over sales contracts and payment arrears involving enterprises have been effectively mediated, involving 2.47 million yuan。
  The People's Court of High-tech Zone upholds fairness and equal protection of the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises on both sides, clarifies the principles, respects the will with heart, uses emotion to solve the knot, promotes the two sides to achieve the "win-win" of resolving disputes and development, and truly solves the worries of enterprises, alleviates the difficulties of enterprises, and warm the heart of enterprises。(Service enterprise office Han Wenhui)